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The Fouta Spa


"When I finished working with Kris and received my banners and artwork, all I thought was, 'I'll never go back to a mail order company again!'. He worked with me to fully understand my marketing goals, and together we came up with the most visually appealing artwork that I've ever used. He's got the skills to make it pop! And the price is right!

Thanks, Kris"

Michael and Isabel Crider
Tampa, Florida


Touch of Oranges


"For many years we have gotten to know Kris while doing trade shows together. Kris is great to work with for concept and creative vision, he takes the stress and pressure off his clients' shoulders. He works quickly and efficiently and his prices are very reasonable. From contact, to conception, design and creation of products, the job is completed and delivered in a short amount of time, and when you are in a time crunch for a fast production and delivery time, it is truly appreciated. Kris has made signs, brochures, business cards, and labels for us. I have referred Kris to many of our personal and business contacts, and to our wholesale and distributor accounts. They have had the same professional service and appreciate the work Kris  produces.

If you have any questions, please contact me at my email address."



Vicki Lewis, President


Picnic Pal

"Over the years I have come to know and utilize Kris’s services. In my early years of selling my product at fairs, Kris saw me and offered suggestions on how I could improve my pitch as well as my booth presentation. As I gained experience I realized his tips were extremely insightful & increased sales.


When he noted he was leaving the selling part of shows to focus on making banners for booths I naturally worked with him for all my booth artwork. It was here I realized how talented Kris was not just in booth appeal but in graphics artwork as well. 


I found my banners always looked a step above others around me and Kris’s ability to enhance photos was second to none. Over the years I have utilized Kris for booth artwork, four color box layout and design and just about anything that is photo related. 


I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Kris in the field of booth display, design and artwork. Whether a veteran in the fair circuit or new to this channel of sales, you need to work with Kris. I say you need to work with him and once you see what he does, Kris will become your go to resource." 

Dan Rothweil

San Diego, California


Euroshine USA

"Thank you, Kris!

What a wonderful business relationship we have with you. We request new custom banners; and just like that they appear! 

Thank you for everything you do to ensure everything is exactly as we agree, the process goes smoothly and our new beautiful banners are always delivered on Time!!!

Kindest regards,

Kathleen Lowrey, Sales Mgr.



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